Hot Seat Records Concept

Hot Seat Records Concept

From the Founder, Angie Mack Reilly Grafton, WI 

Of course the recordings aren’t perfect. Why should they be?  Didn’t you know that Grafton WI produced some pretty shitty records back in the day?  So there’s that.  (spoken in jest).   Insert my lecture here at a later date…….

And these were recorded at the Grafton House of Blues. The house accepts that imperfection and brokenness comes with being human. And in this age of Artificial Intelligence, what is being destroyed? Human expression. People are going to start craving that again sooner or later.  The concept behind The Grafton House of Blues is that of a rent or house party.  People get together and play unrehearsed. The initial point of musician to musician connection is captured.

Raw talent.

Real talent.

Emotional talent.

One take talent.